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Metal Roofing

Providing full service roofing installation

One of the Best Investments for Your Home

Despite a higher cost for materials and installation, metal roofs can last a lifetime without needing re-installation or repairs. Metal roofs tend to be more Eco-friendly and energy-efficient due to being made of recyclable materials and of course - metal.

Metal Roofing Installation

We address all existing problems with your current roofing system and maximize on your roofs longevity and performance.

We are Versatile with Metal Roofing Products

  • Wakefield Bridge - made of Galv/Allum and is near free of exposed fasteners
  • Standing Seam - made of steel, uses very limited exposed fasteners
  • Sheet Steel - the most common steel roof on the market offering a more affordable solution

We go Above and Beyond

  • checking all venting aspects
  • recommending full synthetic underlayment
  • providing 1/2" sheets of plywood to replace any rotten or damaged wood we discover on the job
  • checking for any issues that could affect the operation or lifetime of your roof

When you Need a Metal Roof Installed

Call us - We have you covered and will work hard to provide you with the roof that you need.